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HARVEST is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, sponsored by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. It exists from 1 October 2009 until 1 October 2013, and consists of 14 groups from academia and industry from 9 European countries.

The network will employ 19 Early Stage Researchers (Ph.D. students) for 36 months and 4 Experienced Researchers (young post-docs) for 18-24 months. The network will also organize a series of courses, meetings and workshops, which will be open for researchers from outside the network as well.

The issues to be considered in HARVEST deal with three different aspects of the control of light use efficiency:

A: Photoregulation at the pigment and protein levels

B: Photoregulation at the membrane and cellular levels

C: Photoregulation at the organism level

These issues progress hierarchically, spatially from the molecular events associated with energy transfer and trapping to the macroscopic processes of membrane organization, and temporally from femtosecond processes associated with pigment photophysics to adjustments in the whole organism lasting hours and days.

In order to achieve the project objectives three research-goal oriented teams have been identified working on the above-mentioned aspects of control of light use in photosynthesis. The issues addressed by the teams are complementary. Each team assigns a number of fellowships for early stage researchers and experienced researchers to address the project objectives.

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